Filtering HeartBeat out of data

Yesterday, we finalized the scheme in OpenInterface we implemented to get the heartbeat out of the HRMI. Why did we have to finalize it? The HRMI sent out three kinds of data: Status, time and the heartbeat. We only need the heartbeat to send it to Kyma. We solved the problem by implementing two additional objects: ParameterListToArry and ParameterListFromArray. By selecting the right parameter, we can obtain the heartbeat without the other overhead. In the following days, we will test the different parameters to modify the sound (heartbeat, emotiv epoc and real-time streaming) and we will begin working out our presentation for Tuesday.

Converting HeartBeat-data into sound

Yesterday we wrote a code in C++ to interface the Polar HeartBeat Counter. As we mentioned, we had some problems in order to get the data in real-time. Now, everything is working perfect, so we could proceed to the next step: converting the dataformat so we will be able to send it to Kyma. This converting is done in OpenInterface. At this moment, we have already the parameters of the reactions of the person who uses the headset and the heartbeat of that  person. It’s the purpose to send all the data to Kyma, so we can modify the sound using all these parameters. That’s what we’re going to do the next days.

Using the Emotiv Epoc with the Emotiv API

After using OpenVibe to get the signals, we spent time on the Emotiv API.
It proposes directly different functions for three types of behavior:

  1. The emotions;
  2. The cognition;
  3. The expressions.

This last one, is the one wich allows to get the most results in a few time. So, we decided to use it (we don’t have time to explore all the possibility the Epoc offers).
It is also easy to use and, in a short time, we managed to implement it in OpenInterface.

Here is a list of the different expressions that we can recognize (this works for most tests) :

  • The blink of eyes
  • The eyebrow movement
  • The left wink
  • The right Wink
  • The look on the right
  • The look on the left
  • Clench teeth
  • The smile

Interfacing a Polar HeartBeat Counter

Today we provided an interface to the Polar HeartBeat Counter. We used the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface (SEN-08661) to convert the signals we receive. The HRMI provides a logic-level serial interface. So, we wrote a simple code in C++ to get the data of the heartbeat in real-time. For now it’s not working perfect, but we found the solution to solve the problem, so tomorrow, the interface will be completed and we will be able to get the heartbeat of a person in real-time.


Using OpenVibe with Emotiv Epoc

As said before, the OpenVibe option is more flexible. So we prefer using it in a first time.
We will not explain how OpenVibe works and all its features, all this information are available on the OpenVibe’ website.
We will just explain how we can interface the Emotiv Epoc, getting back the signals and sending them into an other application using a VRPN server.

1) Interfacing the Emotiv Epoc

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Emotiv Epoc

For the IP, we have to use different sensors to create a human/machine interface application.
The list of the sensors that we will use is not yet fixed but it’s almost certain that we will use the Emotiv Epoc.

What is Emotiv Epoc ?

“The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset. It uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to most PCs”.

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