Final word

Now the project is over and everyone comes back home.
For the final word we wish to thank some particular people :

  • Rudi Giot for his support, his ideas and his help during all the week;
  • Roald Baudoux for his work with Kyma without whom we would not have obtained a sufficient sound result;
  • Gregory Aerts for his work done for catching and analysing the internet radio streaming;
  • Lionel Lawson for his help about OpenInterface Workbench and for the time he has voluntarily granted to us;
  • All the organisation from ISIB and IP for the great job accomplished during all week;
  • And all the people that we would have forgotten without whom our project would not have resulted in a so short time.

Thank you all !

Media content for the project

Today we grab some pictures, videos and sounds of Brussels city to use in our project.
We recorded various sounds from the city, these sounds are going to be morphed in a new sound that will be related to the respective picture.
These sounds were extracted from videos recorded in the city were then cut into short extracts.