Interfacing the Emotiv Epoc (OpenVibe + Emotiv SDK)

There are at least 2 ways to interface the Emotiv Epoc:

1) Official Emotiv SDK
Designed especially for the headset, the SDK included many tools to use it.
The Emotiv tools focus on the detection of emotions.
We have to calibrate the headset with the panel control and then, we can get back the information in a c++ application using Emotiv library (all information about using the library are available in the documentation of the SDK).

At the moment, we don’t know yet if it’s possible to get the raw signals with this SDK .

2) OpenVibe
OpenVibe is an OpenSource software designed for the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI).
It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time.
Learn more.

It is possible to interface directly the Emotiv Epoc and getting the raw signals (but it’s necessary to have the Emotiv SDK installed).
Unlike the Emotiv SDK, It’s not directly possible to determine the emotions. However, processing options are more flexible (we can get the raw signals and do all processing we want).