Filtering HeartBeat out of data

Yesterday, we finalized the scheme in OpenInterface we implemented to get the heartbeat out of the HRMI. Why did we have to finalize it? The HRMI sent out three kinds of data: Status, time and the heartbeat. We only need the heartbeat to send it to Kyma. We solved the problem by implementing two additional objects: ParameterListToArry and ParameterListFromArray. By selecting the right parameter, we can obtain the heartbeat without the other overhead. In the following days, we will test the different parameters to modify the sound (heartbeat, emotiv epoc and real-time streaming) and we will begin working out our presentation for Tuesday.

Brussenses Poster


Yesterday we worked as well on the project poster which will be presented on febuary 07/2012 together with our interactive sound-installation. It contains a project description as well as the sensors we are going to use and the work-around of the different components.

You can see the poster large-scaled on our project-side.

Converting HeartBeat-data into sound

Yesterday we wrote a code in C++ to interface the Polar HeartBeat Counter. As we mentioned, we had some problems in order to get the data in real-time. Now, everything is working perfect, so we could proceed to the next step: converting the dataformat so we will be able to send it to Kyma. This converting is done in OpenInterface. At this moment, we have already the parameters of the reactions of the person who uses the headset and the heartbeat of that  person. It’s the purpose to send all the data to Kyma, so we can modify the sound using all these parameters. That’s what we’re going to do the next days.

Interfacing a Polar HeartBeat Counter

Today we provided an interface to the Polar HeartBeat Counter. We used the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface (SEN-08661) to convert the signals we receive. The HRMI provides a logic-level serial interface. So, we wrote a simple code in C++ to get the data of the heartbeat in real-time. For now it’s not working perfect, but we found the solution to solve the problem, so tomorrow, the interface will be completed and we will be able to get the heartbeat of a person in real-time.